Exploring Georgia- The Gem Of Eurasia

Exploring Georgia The Gem Of Eurasia

Georgia, located at the cusp of Europe and Asia, is not a regular haunt with tourists. But if you have a taste for something different, Georgia is a heaven for you. Especially for those who love to experiment, it has many things unique, to offer. The country is surrounded by the majestic Black Sea, the mighty Caucasus Mountains, and diverse nations such as Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. From untouched mountains and rocky beaches to remains of age-old civilisations, Georgia has lots packed in itself. Being surrounded by nations with different cultures, Georgia has evolved into a country with a blend of cultures. The warmth and hospitality of the Georgian crowd have given a boost to its tourism. This Georgia travel guide will give a bird’s eye view of the major attractions of this amazing destination.

  • The Great Caucasus: Undoubtedly, Georgia is best known for its location. Towards the northern border of this nation lies the mighty mountain ranges of Caucasus. A trip to view the mountains has to be a part of every Georgia itinerary. Stunning views of green blanketed mountains and its picturesque hillside villages await you! You will feel as though they have been designed just to take your breath away. A relaxed walk savouring the fresh mountain air, won’t that be etched in your memories forever.

  • Tusheti National Park: When The Great Caucasus calls for the traveller in you, don’t miss this picture-perfect destination located on the edges of Caucasus. Tusheti National Park has many villages occupied by the native Tush people, friendly folk who welcome you with a warm smile. Most villages have a unique architectural style and huge defensive towers, for that spellbinding effect! Some places are difficult to reach, but then where is the fun in always travelling on trodden paths

  • Tbilisi, the great capital: Tbilisi,  the capital city of Georgia, will find a prominent spot in a Georgia travel guide. Tbilisi has a remarkable mixture of modernity and antiquity. Travel to the old city to be welcomed by fortress-like cathedrals and stone structures. Walk along the cobbled alleys, and you are walking straight into history. On the other side, the city has a vibrant modern charm too. Swanky streets lined with shops will attract those who are used to the ways of urban life

  • Vardzia, the cave monastery: A visit to a cave that is believed to have been inhabited during the Bronze Age, isn’t that wonderful? Vardzia cave monastery is a site that reminds you of the architectural skills of the ancient men of Georgia. The monastery has been magnificently carved out of a single rock! Church of Dormition, a part of the cave structure, is incredibly beautiful with Georgian mural paintings adorning its walls

  • Mtskheta, for the touch of old: Hailed as the spiritual capital of Georgia, Mtskheta is the seat for Georgian Orthodox Church. It has numerous cathedrals that defy time. With their splendid medieval architecture, these churches are sights not to be missed. The uniqueness of this ancient city has given it a place in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whether for architecture or for spiritual quotient, Mtskheta surely figures in any Georgia travel guide

  • Batumi, the seaside town: The fact that Georgia is bordered by the Black Sea is a big attraction for tourists. Batumi, the lazy town located along the shores of Black Sea, is the quintessence of Georgian culture. But don’t go to Batumi expecting soft sandy beaches. Batumi beaches are famous for their smooth stones, a unique experience indeed! This dreamy town has lots of other attractions too, like the Alphabetic Tower that offers a panoramic view of the entire town. Take a stroll along the beaches, or explore the depths of the town, you are never in for boredom in Batumi.

  • Lake Ritsa, the ethereal beauty: A lake surrounded by mountains and fir trees, whose clear, cold waters invite you to plunge into its depths, that is Lake Ritsa. Being located in the Caucasus mountains, the place has a cool climate throughout the year. It is a favourite among tourists who love exploring the lake on boats, and sometimes even by swimming. The place has lots of legends and stories attached to it. Lake Ritsa will find a place in Georgia travel guide as the ideal destination for getting close to pristine nature.

  • Stepantsminda: This sleepy town on the foothills of Caucasus is a must-see place in Georgia. Though officially named as Stepantsminda, it is popularly known as Kazbegi. The snow-kissed peaks near Stepantsminda offer excellent hiking opportunities, too tempting for avid trekkers! The highlight of the area is the Gergeti Trinity Church perched atop a hill. Located at 1800 meters above sea level, the church requires a good 2 hours to reach on foot. Really worth a visit, if you feel up to the climb or horse ride. Serene spiritual vibrations, stunning views, pleasant climate, the place is close to heaven itself.

Travelling from Qatar

For the residents of Qatar, travel to Georgia is easier as compared to nations in other parts of the globe. Georgia is one of the countries that you can plan for a short trip, without any hassles. Residents of Qatar do not need a visa for travelling to Georgia. You just need to have Qatar residence Permit that is valid for at least six months. You will have a right to stay in Georgia for up to 90 days.

There are many airlines like Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines, that offer connecting flights to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. A little bit of research and you fix the best deals! Get ready for a memorable journey to the land of many unexplored attractions. A journey that gives you sweet memories to store in your heart, for the rest of your life!




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